Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Now that our country is becoming redder due to corona, you might think that there is nowhere to go on holiday anymore. So yes, why would you start making a photo book? However, it is now interesting to take a look back at how you spent your time when the world looked slightly different.
You see it more and more on Facebook: people who have a photoshoot done in their doorway. The corona shoot, which has become increasingly normal due to the lockdown and social distancing. Although we are getting used to it more, there are many people who, for example, find it difficult that it is almost impossible to travel. However, it is not the case that all life is completely still.

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Make your own photo book

How cool is it to make memories of your homemade home office, that birthday 1.5 meters away or the day you wore a mouth mask for the first time on the train? Many people may already be busy with the end of 2020: surely nothing has happened this year? For example, you can go to a bonus print to get started on your photo album right away.

It often pays to think about what you want to make in advance. Do you have enough photos for your 2020 photo book? Where do you want to place them, how big and what type of paper? Do texts need to be added? Are the photos already together in an easily findable place? These are all things to keep in mind when ordering an online photo book. At the same time, the software is also innovating: it is becoming easier for you to upload photos from your smartphone, for example.

That’s important because in the past it was often a challenge to put together a nice photo book quickly, even if you did it online. Photos that were all cropped incorrectly or people who necessarily have a certain text in mind: creating a photo book on the internet was really tedious. You just knew it would take you hours.


In the meantime, great strides have been made, so that you can quickly create a photo book that looks good. Of course, text remains a profession in its own right, but there is often a lot of potential in the software of the provider. For example, it can very quickly crop your photos and place them well on the page. The templates and provide a good layout that is just right in most cases.

Then you can add texts and other creative indulgences, after which you can order the photo product. You can have this at home pretty quickly, because the bonusprint photo book factory is located in the Netherlands, for example. This way you will quickly have a funny and perhaps even inspiring coffee table booklet in which you can show your guests how you have come through the past six months.


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