Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Are you struggling to go back to work after the holidays? These are seven tips to do your job in a relaxed way:

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1. Go to bed a little earlier prior to your first day at work
On holiday you may have gone to bed a little later, but you may also have slept in and made long nights in this way. Hold on to that long night’s sleep by going to bed a little earlier the night before you go to work. Then you wake up just as rested as on vacation: the basis for a fresh start at work.

2. Get caught up
Before you get started with your own e-mail and tasks, it is nice to have a picture of what happened in the meantime after your vacation. This helps you set priorities and focus on what’s important. So let your colleagues or your manager catch up with you before you start your day.

3. Don’t make your to do list too long on your first working day
Do not overload your first working day with meetings or deadlines. If you do, you will soon feel overwhelmed and feel like you are directly behind in your work. On your first working day, rather make room to go through your mailbox and catch up.

Are there any important meetings you want to attend? Then set priorities and don’t hesitate to ask for help with other tasks that fall short. What can also help to start relaxed is to go through the coming working day during the drive to work and to plan the tasks and activities for that day.

4. Don’t let your mailbox determine your day
Avoid sitting at your computer in the morning to answer every email, because then you will soon lose the whole day and then get stressed because you have not gotten to your other work.

Only reply to emails that cannot wait and schedule time to reply to the other mail during the week.

5. Take care of yourself
It can be tempting to take it hard again after your holiday, thinking that you can take it again. Not only does this cause a lot of stress, but it is also not beneficial to your productivity.

It is better to allow yourself a gradual transition from vacation to work. You do this by taking more frequent and longer breaks on your first working day and eating healthy. In this article you will find 7 healthy foods that also increase your productivity.

If you immediately have a lot of stress at work, it can help to take magnesium.

6. Check-in with your colleagues, supervisor and customers
It is a good idea to let your colleagues, supervisor and customers know that you are back and what you are doing. Then you are aware of each other’s activities, so that you can find each other.

Also call one or two customers to let them know that you are there for them and ask them if they need anything. This takes little time and effort, but makes a big impression.

Keep these conversations short and save juicy holiday stories for lunch break. Then you avoid chatting all day long and you are already behind with your work on the first day.

7. Enjoy while you think back to your vacation
You may feel depressed because the vacation is over. You can also think back to your holiday and reminisce about all the pleasant moments. This way you bring the pleasant and relaxed state in which you were during the holiday with you to work.


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