Thu. Jul 22nd, 2021

Developers, quickly switch to GitHub Codespaces, because Microsoft is discontinuing Visual Studio Codespaces. That is the message the IT giant is propagating. However, that is easier said than done: you cannot transfer existing projects from one service to another.

Visual Studios Codespaces

Visual Studios Codespaces is a cloud-based development tool that allows developers to create a full development studio for themselves in a very short amount of time. Visual Studios Codespaces was previously known as Visual Studio Online but has now ceased to exist. However, there is no reason for stress, because Microsoft has an alternative. The only question is how easy the transition will be.

It is merged with GitHub’s variant. In fact, according to Microsoft, it is the reason it ceases to exist: it looks too much like GitHub. According to Allison Buchholtz-Au, Visual Studio Online’s program manager, this created confusion among users.

GitHub Codespaces

Using only GitHub Codespaces makes it easier for everyone to work. Also, some feedback can now only be processed in one platform, instead of two. It is only useful if developers can also move their projects from one program to another. At the moment that is not yet possible, certainly not because GitHub Codespaces is still in private beta. However, Microsoft says it will never be possible: “You will have to recreate your codespaces yourself once you have access to GitHub Codespaces.”

Still, developers have to start thinking about what they are going to do: you have to be over by 17 February 2021. Everything you still have in your old space will be deleted. On the other hand, no price is yet known, so whether developers really want to switch is still uncertain. In any case, you cannot create new plans and codespaces within Visual Studio Codespaces from November 20.

Once GitHub Codespaces becomes more widely available later this year, Microsoft will release the rates. If you use it at the moment, you don’t have to pay anything yet.


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