Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Could a child be in Deckerstar’s future? As indicated by fans on Twitter, there’s a line from the Lucifer season 5 finale that clues at what may be coming for recently stamped god Lucifer and his long-lasting affection Chloe Decker in the show’s 6th and last season.

In the midst of the disarray of the divine battle scene in the finale, Chloe is wounded in the mid-region by Lucifer’s malicious sibling Michael. His weapon of decision is the staff produced using the leftover piece of the Tree of Life. We know this since holy messenger Zadkiel says, “That staff is all that remaining parts of the Tree of Life.”

Chloe bites the dust from her injury and goes to paradise and Lucifer chances everything to return and save her, and now fans are contemplating whether this is an indicate what’s to come.

Could a child be in transit in Lucifer season 6?

Hi! Magazine recognized a lot of fans on Twitter hypothesizing that the area of Michael’s blow couldn’t be a fortuitous event. On the off chance that the Tree of Life has any force in it (which we expect it must) then, at that point hitting Chloe in the belly area recommends that it may have given her some additional something upon her re-visitation of the human loop.

Pregnant Chloe would be an incredible story. Lucifer, god and hopeful dad, would be a significantly more prominent story.

It additionally raises the opportunities for pressure among Lucifer and Amenadiel given that Amenadiel’s child Charlie is mortal and gives no indication of being a heavenly. In the event that Lucifer’s kid were to turn into a heavenly messenger, it could undoubtedly annoyed the harmony that the siblings have been appreciating of late.

Its absolutely impossible of knowing whether a Deckerstar pregancy is probable for Lucifer and Chloe, yet considering it will help keep fans engaged until the show gets back to Netflix for its last season.


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