Thu. Jul 22nd, 2021

Google has changed its G Suite. It is now called Google Workspace. Gmail, Chat and Docs are merged with this. This is accompanied by new logos, which, unlike Microsoft Office, look a bit more childlike than business.

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Google Workspace

Google’s G Suite (formerly: Google Apps for Work) is no more, it is now Google Workspace. This contains well-known Google products such as Gmail, Docs, Meet and Sheets in one. In addition, Google has made some small tweaks so that the different products are more integrated. For example, in a Chat conversation you can immediately open a new document in which everyone can work in a new tab.

There will also be more preview options, so that you can lift a little bit of the veil of other documents in which you are working. Google is also continuing to use smart chips. Those are those little “cards” that appear when you @ tag someone.

The end of Office
It’s not that we think Google is targeting Microsoft: it’s quite explicit about that itself. Javier Soltero of Google Workspace said in a press release, “This is the end of the” office “as we know it.” Since Microsoft has been “boss” with Microsoft Office for decades.

Workspace will be slightly different in terms of price, because a new Business Plus level has been added that allows you to exert more influence on the devices within the Workspace. If a company has fewer than 300 employees, there is a starter package from 5.20 euros per person per month. Plus is considerably more expensive at € 15.60, but offers more options in the field of security, for example.

Slack and Zoom
Incidentally, it remains possible to use third-party apps within Google Workspace, so you can still use Slack, Zoom and Asana. Obviously, Google would rather you switch to its apps, but in any case, this is not too heavily imposed at the moment.

Google’s new plans are accompanied by new icons, which take some getting used to. The funny red envelope-M suddenly becomes an accumulation of colors. That takes some getting used to. It seems a bit more childish, which makes it seem less businesslike. The icons of the other apps have also changed. The great thing is that they seem to belong together more now, but

Google’s Workspace will be rolled out in the coming months. Naturally, it is the companies’ turn first. In the first instance, it mainly concerns the desktop version of Google Workspace and this obviously mainly refers to the Chrome browser.


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