Mon. Sep 13th, 2021

The successor to the popular Microsoft Office 2007, Office 2010 beta has been available for free download by members of MDSN or Technet for several days. You can download the 32 bit version here and the 64 bit version here.

For Microsoft, the launch of Office 2010 is extremely important in the increasing competition with Google Apps. The innovative thing about this version of Office can hardly be the functionality which, after version over version, has now been reasonably developed for the average user. With Office 2010, Microsoft is leaving the regular form of software installed on your PC or Mac and is switching completely to Cloud Computing. Whether it is the final slogan (makes the consumer feel “good”) for the campaign, we do not know, but it is gradually known as No-Control-Alt-Delete, and in Microsoft’s eyes that is more than just a wink.

– Office 2010: the Movie
– No Return, No Undo, No Ctrl Alt Delete


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