Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

You probably noticed that the last few days, the second and third weeks of August, were considerably warmer than usual. Where, according to the KNMI, the long-term average for August is around 13 ° C and 23 ° C, we are now dealing with minimums of 22 ° C and maximums of 36 ° C. However, these extra warm and sunny days are an advantage for owners of solar panels: this year, according to Essent, they have already achieved 20% more yields.

Compared to the same period last year, the period from January to July, this year the yield has increased by more than 20%. Owners of solar panels have a nice boost this (spring) year in the form of extra savings on their annual energy bill.

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Corona crisis and more hours of sunshine

The extra savings are mainly due to an extra sunny spring. The months of March, April and May have all done well in terms of sunshine hours. These months benefited from an average of nearly half the extra hours of sunshine. In April the number of hours of sunshine was nearly 60 per cent higher than normal.

Whether this has to do with the corona crisis is speculation, but quite a few fewer (international) flights over our country can explain why there is more clear air, and therefore more yield for solar panels.

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in solar panels during this period is also higher than in winter, and that makes sense. These sunny months, interest once again peaks, often accompanied by the question “whether it is favourable”. The purchase and installation of solar panels is not cheap and you have to deal with a certain return and payback time.

However, the efficiency of solar panels increases by about 1% per year, and so with the advent of new techniques and panels, the payback period is getting shorter. If you also get more hours of sunshine on your roof (at least if you have solar panels there) then you also earn a bit of it.


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